Monday, 8 August 2011

The Watchers Trilogy - William Meikle ( Books)

I decided to review this trilogy in one go because the whole story is spread over the three books and is more like a single story being split in three than three stories in a trilogy setting. 
The story weaves Scottish and English history together and makes us believe that vampires that have been around for centuries and were heavily involved in major battles in our joint histories. 
The story centres on two friends, Martin & Sean who are members of a special "watch" army set up to protect the boundaries nr Hadrians Wall and stop the vampire scourge invading England. 
Now normally anything history based bores me to death and epic type stories i find difficult to follow as there are so many different characters to keep up with but William Meikle keeps the history element to a level that does not destroy the story and makes all his characters so interesting that you are fully drawn in. 
He also has no compunction of killing characters off that you get attached to so you never know what's going to happen next and who is going to survive. 

The story is fairly well paced considering it is over 3 books and the ending is well worth the wait. 

My only crtiticism would be the older generation of characters are forever telling each other and the younger ones past stories and tales but of course this happened in the era that the story is set in. But when someone says "let's here your tale" i would groan a little....... 
This does drag on a bit and slows the story down but it's worth putting up with this as the whole story is very very good. 

The vampire boy king is a fangtastic villain and you just can't wait for the final showdown in book 3. 

William has come up with a different angle on the vampire story and these books are well worth the read. 

The books are: 
Watchers : The Coming Of The King 
Watchers : The Battle For The Throne 
Watchers : Culloden.

Reviewed By David

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