Monday, 8 August 2011

Inhuman - Danielle Q Lee ( Book )

Well this is the first book i have read of Danielle Q Lee's and I only bought it as it sounded Ok, was sent to me in my recommended list by Amazon and it was only 69p. 
I found the whole story well written, no silly spelling or grammatical errors, which is common in the cheaper books here on Kindle and totally un-putdownable ( is that a real word ) 
The story explores what would happen if your government were to find out that you were not considered human on a genetical level and how easily they could take your life and existence away from you. 
Before i bought my kindle i stuck only to certain authors that I new i would enjoy because of the expense in buying paperbacks etc etc. 
I love the fact that i can now try out new authors for low amounts of cash. 
I will now be looking out for other books by Danielle and would be happy if they were only half as good as inhuman. 

Get it today......You will not be disappointed

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