Monday, 8 August 2011

Land Of Nod : The Artifact - Gary Hoover ( Book )

I have literally just finished this and have got to say I was impressed. 

Initially i would say that the writing style is more aimed towards Young Adults but at 44 i still thoroughly enjoyed the story. 
If you think along the lines of Harry Potter or The Hobbit, but it's a scifi story 

The story follows a young boy (14) who, in search of his father, ends up in a parallel universe and gets involved in a battle between three races who live there. 
Two races are human and the third is reptillian. 

We don't get to see much of the reptillian race but we know they are not happy with their lot and are about to start a war with some new technology they have acquired. 

The appearance of Jeff ( the 14 yr old) in this new world is foretold in a prophecy but the question is, is Jeff the character of the prophecy or not and will he be able to stop the war !!! 

You can tell by the ending ( and the fact that the next three chapters (teaser) are awaiting you for the next book) that there is more to come and I for one, will be looking forward for the next installment. 

There were very few ( 2-3 ) minor spelling errors I spotted which is quite refreshing as many other books have a lot more besides. 
So if you're looking for an easy read and a good little story to kill a day or so then you can't go wrong with this one....

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