Friday, 26 August 2011

Tales From Beyond - Kristina Jackson

This is a small collection of short ghost and paranormal stories.
Some of the stories are very short and almost seem unfinished, whereas a couple are longer and benefit from this.

Kristina’s style of writing is a little erratic as some stories are very straight forwardly written, almost non descriptive, whereas others have plenty of detail.

All the stories are well written, in their own way and Kristina should be very proud of her very first publication.
I would like to see more from Kristina and look forward to reading either a novella or a full novel where she can fit more detail into a story and go a bit more into character depth.

Anybody who reads this collection will have their favourite(s) and mine are “Aces High” which I have reviewed before and “Afraid”

None of the stories I found to be “hair raisingly” spooky but I still enjoyed a couple of them.
Great little book to kill a bit of time on a train journey and not scary for those wimps out there who don’t like to be spooked.

Reviewed By David
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