Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Stone Song By Philip Van Wulvern

The story behind Stone Song, in principle, is a very good story but i personally struggled with Philips writing style.
Ty and Jen are the central characters of the story that after a chance meeting get thrown into a story involving mind control and plotting politicians.
The story is told from Ty’s point of view and probably would have been much better if it had been told in a third party narrative style.
There were sometimes long conversations between the two main characters where, if you lost concentration, you would easily lose touch with who was meant to be talking.
I personally would have liked this to have been more of a thriller and had the two characters placed into more dangerous escapades with either the politician or his hench men throughout.
The story plods along at a very slow pace with lots of eating, drinking and cafe’s but the characters are very likeable and there is a nice mix of tech and modern day witches ( Wicca ) and government involvement that makes you want to keep reading just to see what the final outcome will be.

Reviewed By David
MKP Entertainment

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