Monday, 8 August 2011

Fall Leaves & The Black Dragon - Erik Gustafson ( Book )

This is a very good paranormal themed story about a young man haunted by an event in his past and decides to confront his terrors.

The story is told from the view point of "Willy" or Liam (as he later calls himself) and the characters involved are easy to get involved with and get attached to.
Something is happening to Liam and his best friend, Kenny ( who goes on the journey with him) all the way through, which makes the reader want to carry on reading and the final relevation finishes the story well.

Although there are ghosts, fiery dragons and general creepiness happening regularly throughout the story it does not grab you and have you hiding behind the sofa so even those who are a bit squeemish about this type of story will enjoy it.

It's a nice change for an author to tie all the ends up and actually finish a story instead of leaving the reader wondering "yeah but !!! "

I was kindly given this book free to review and was mistakenly given an early draft of the story which contained lots of writing errors. The author tells me that these have all been corrected in the up to date version and if this is the case i would recommend you give this one a go.

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