Monday, 8 August 2011

Eldren : The Book Of The Dark - William Meikle ( Book )

This is my first book of William Meikles and it won't be my last. 
It was a nice change to have a good old fashioned "hammer horror" or "Dracula" type vampire. Cruel, deadly and cool all at the same time. Along with the "Van Helsing" type vampire hunter and the victims who stand up and fight back too. Now as i have mentioned before i also like the "friendly " vamps and they are here too in a good old fashioned good evil versus bad evil. That's all on the plus side.... 
Now I will say that for the first half of the book i was never initially grabbed by the story or the characters and wasn't too bothered if I had to put the book down to do some task or go to work. By the second half I was glued and found myself caring more about the characters and whether they lived or not and got annoyed when i had to put the book down and was looking forward to picking it up again. I like my stories to have more defined chapters, rather than lines and i like some of the chapters to have cliff hangers that make you wait to see what's going to happen. There wasn't much of this to start with which is why it probably felt a litte slow at the beginning, at least to me. 
But i beg anyone to hang in and you won't be disappointed. 
There were a few mistypes ( if instead of of etc) but nothing compared to many books here on the kindle. 
If there's a sequel to this i would be interested in it. 
A great vampire story and looking forward to some more works from this author. 

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