Monday, 8 August 2011

Super 8 ( Film )

Super 8 is the new JJ Abrams release with quite a lot of influence by Steven Spielberg.
Fantastic special & lighting effects throughout this film which tells the story of a group of school friends that witness a horrific train crash whilst filming an amateur picture for a film competition.

The train crash alone is well worth watching the film for.

Soon the airforce are sealing off the town and people and objects are disappearing.
What exactly was being transported and has now escaped from the train.

Although not action all the way through and fairly slow in parts this is still a good film that keeps you interested throughout with some very likeable and quirky characters.

The film is rated as 12a and the heroes are a bunch of 12yr old kids who, with a couple of feuding adults, have to deal with the outworldly experience whilst avoiding the antics of the airforce making this a film that dads will enjoy taking the kids to.

Worth seeing and is one of the better Summer releases of this year.

Reviewed By David


  1. Saw it, loved it and you're right about that train crash.

  2. Hi Cosby.
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