Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Philanthropist's Danse By Paul Wornham

I figured that this was going to be a “Cluedo” type murder mystery when I read the synopsis of this story, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Paul has taken 12 beautifully written characters (15 if you count those involved in the story but not the invitees) and placed them into a fantastically woven plot that kept me captivated to the point where i’d be very annoyed when I had to put the book down due to work commitments etc etc.

12 people, family, associates, enemies & employees are invited up to a billionaire’s mansion in the middle of nowhere to find out that they have to agree on how to share their late benefactor’s inheritance.
It’s not until the rules of the danse start coming into effect that things start to turn nasty for the majority of the 12.

This story has it all, murder, mystery, suspense, prostitution, blackmail and a small mixture of romance intrically woven together, masterfully.

You get an in depth knowledge of the characters through a mixture of storytelling and flashbacks and you are in a constant turmoil of emotion as to who is good and who is rotten. Then just when you have them figured out you are thrown back into turmoil and start doubting your judgements.

The story is very fast paced with plenty of little twists to keep you enthralled right up until the very last page.

This is Pauls first book and i’m looking forward to reading his next one.

Reviewed By David
Family Party Entertainment

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