Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Devils Game By S.L.Pierce & Maren Kaye

It’s not very often i pick up a book and literally cannot put it down and feel a need to read it all in one go but that is exactly what happened here.
I picked up this book at 2pm and 5 hrs later finished it simply because there was never a point in the whole story where the suspense stopped and i could take a breather.
Rachel, the main character, is being stalked and you are kept guessing all the way through, until the authors want you to know, as to who is the stalker.
But even then there are more twists and sub plots that take you to the thrilling conclusion.
Thrills and chills right from the word go as the authors keep up the pace relentlessly.
This is one of those little golden nuggets that a reader is constantly searching for, a novel that is fully enjoyable with absolutely nothing negative to say about it.
Well done to both SL Pierce & Maren Kaye i seriously hope that this book gets noticed and someone decides to base a film on it.

Reviewed By David
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