Monday, 8 August 2011

Mr Poppers Penguins

Jim Carey stars as Mr Popper who receives a mysterious package from his recently deceased father ( who he had a very limited relationship with as a child.)
Upon opening the crate he finds his first Penguin.
Soon he has 6 penguins and his near perfect life as a high powered sales person is soon turned upside down.

The film is loosely based on the 1938 children's book of the same name by Richard & Florence Atwater.

Although this film is blatantly aimed towards young children I still found it very funny all the way through.
Lots of falling down and toilet humour throughout and Jim Carey does what he does best even though he is out done by the penguins.

The children's film industry nearly always has an underlying message and this one pushes the family values message quite clearly but despite this still ends up being quite a good movie.

Go see it with the kids if you just want to lay back and have a laugh.

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