Friday, 12 August 2011

The Icarus Transformation

Anyone who has read any of my reviews will see that my normal genre is Chiller/Horror and so this book is one of the first outside of this that I have tried.
It’s a crying shame that it is only a novella as this would have made an excellent full novel and would make a great film.
Scott keeps you transfixed throughout the whole story and keeps it believable too.
My only ( very slight ) negative is that i felt as if i needed a degree in physics to understand the technical details of the plot and would be interested to know if the scientific facts and figures ( velocity etc etc) is made up or fully researched and correct.
Maybe a bit of dumming down for the general reader would have been better.

There's lots going on to keep you riveted right until the end.
Dodgy government agents, shuttle launches, spies, sabotage, interogation and crazy scientists.
So if you enjoy a good thriller with lots of action, government cover – ups  and not knowing who to trust then you will definitely enjoy this one.

Reviewed by David

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