Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Cadence Of The Undead - Christopher L Beck

Firstly i have to say that this is my first book from this author & Christophers writing style is very easy to follow and an enjoyable read.
With this being a short story or Novella the action starts quite quickly, whilst at the same time introduces you very well to the main characters and the background story.
You immediately take to the characters and hope that no harm will befall them even though you know that as this is a Zombie novel & that someone eventually is gonna get it.
Now i have not read many Zombie novels and didn't like the first i read and wasn't completely blown away by this one so it may just me but....
I expected a little bit more detail on the attacks and of the Zombie descriptions and more suspenseful build-up when they pounced.
It may be that as this is designed to be a Novella that these sequences were shortened.
However apart from the action at the beginning and the final part of the book the rest of the story seems to lag a bit as there is far too much dialogue and not much happening, especially around the husband and wife characters who decide to hide out in the underground shelter.
A little bit more time is also needed on proof reading before publishing as there are numerous typo errors.

However, despite the above, it is, as I have mentioned, still a good story and an enjoyable read and worth checking out.

Reviewed by David
Childrens Entertainment

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