Monday, 8 August 2011

48 - James Herbert ( Book )

48 is set in an alternative timeline where on the edge of losing the war the Nazi's drop dirty bombs which kill everyone except the very rare "ab" blood type. 
Cue for millions of dead decaying bodies everywhere. 
Crazy evangelists who believe that a blood transfusion from those unaffected will save their lives. 
An unlikely hero, who just doesn't want to be a hero but gets dragged into the whole bloody mess anyway. 
A dead and destroyed London, an ever depressing reminder of the horrors of warfare. 

This time Herbert explores the horrors of the real kind that mankind can do to each other in an armaggeddon world. 
Classic Herbert, fast paced story telling and relentless until the end. 

If you like any past James Herbert novels you will not be disappointed and very hard to put down with a very satisfying ending.

Reviewed By David

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