Monday, 15 August 2011

The Smurfs 2011 ( Film )

Once again a great little children’s film has come along and once again the “professional” critics have knocked it.
Were these people ever children themselves once ?

The new Smurfs film is a mix of animation and live film and although at times the mix is a little shaky, probably due to bad actors or bad camera work, it is still a great comedy even though it does get a little syrupy at times.
Hank Azaria though, steals the film with his fantastic, over acting as the wicked wizard Gargamel and his cat sidekick.
The Smurfs are very funny and there are plenty of funny bits and toilet humour all the way through.

Whether you are experiencing the Smurfs for the first time or you’re re-visiting them from your childhood,  just sit back relax and enjoy.

Reviewed By David

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