Monday, 8 August 2011

Generations - William Meikle ( Book )

William Meikle is fast becoming one of my favourite writers. 
This time William is writing for the younger reader. 
It's a fast paced story involving lots of giant creepy crawlies, a Grandad who's a bit of a mad scientist and even a dragon. 
William keeps it simple, without going into too much background detail I:E mum is mum and dad is dad etc and they are very much the sterotypical parents that any 10 - 12 yr old will recognise. 
Add to this Tom's ( the young hero in the story) grandad who causes loads of problems with his madcap experiments and Tom's best friend Kate who's on hand to help Tom through his wild adventure. 

Even as an adult you can thoroughly enjoy the story as Michael quickly gets the plot moving and keeps up the pace throughout the whole story. 

And at just 86p ( currently) easily affordable out of your pocket money.

Reviewed by David

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