Monday, 8 August 2011

I am Number Four ( Book )

I first saw this at the cinema and enjoyed the film, then in the credits saw that it was based on this book by Pittacus Lore. 

I immediately searched and downloaded it to my kindle. i fully enjoyed the book and am now eagerly awaiting the sequels that are to come but have to admit that i struggled to inititially get used to the writers style.
I found the descriptive text of the book seemed quite robotic and minimilistic in content whereas the dialogue between the characters was fine and normal sounding.
But like i said once you get used to this the book is a very enjoyable read. 

I won't go into the actual storyline here as it's been mentioned a few times in other reviews but the one thing that tickled me a little is that the Author has written himself into the story as one of the characters to the background of the story. Priceless.

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