Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Morgue Of The Dead - Lee Taylor ( Book )

I'm aware that this is Mr Taylors first book but i seriously think that the 5 star reviews on Amazon must be friends or relatives trying to help him make sales as this is not exactly a work of art.
On the other hand the 1 star review given, again on Amazon was a little too harsh. But only a little.........

First though the good point :

The Zombie attack scenes are very well written and sufficiently gory and the fact that the zombies use some type of limited intelligence to get to past loved ones is also quite a clever new twist.

Now the not so good points....

The story is shockingly badly written in general. ( apart from the aforementioned zombie attacks)
There is absolutely no character depth and the conversations are bland considering what is happening around the characters involved.
I simply could not get attached to any of the characters and couldn't care less whether or not the zombies got them.
The mild attempt at humour was groanable ( hey i've invented a new word) but i can see that the author was attempting a "shaun of the dead" type story where comedy and gore are mixed up.

It's been said that the author writes in the style as if it were a movie being played out ... well i'm afriad this would definately be one of the old "B" type zombie movies rather than the better ones.

The guy who gave the 1 star rating mentioned he could not finish the book and I echo his sentiments.
I managed to get just over half way before i gave it up as a bad job, and it's very rare i don't or feel i can't finish a book.
Maybe i'll come back to it at some point but i'm in no rush.

Well done to Lee for publishing his first book as I guess writing can't be the easiest job in the world but your friends are better off being truthfull with you as this will only help you bring out better work in the future.

This book is no longer available on the Kindle but is still available in Paperback.

As a footnote to this review this was also the first zombie novel i had read ( although i do read a lot of chiller and horror novels ) and the second one i read ( by a different Author ) was written a lot better but i still wasn't enamoured.
So it is possible that Zombie novels are just not for me......

Have you got a Zombie novel that you think will grab my attention and rivet me to the story ?
Let me know about it and I will review it for you - I guess if i like it you could be on to a winner ;)

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