Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Captain America : The First Avenger

After been turned down several times to join the army and serve his country, Steve Rogers joins a scientific programme to start a breed of super soldier.
Hence Captain America is born.

He starts off fighting the mighty battle as a stage performer but soon proves his worth as a super soldier fighting for his country.

I love all the Marvel films as they always seem to put everything into their films and this is no exception.
Chris Evans portrayal of Steve Rogers and Captain America is just superb and the supporting cast help make this an excellent film.

Lots of action, explosions, hero stuff and a baddie ( Red Skull ) you can cheerfully “Boo” at and even a love interest ( Peggy ) but without too much of the mushy stuff.
A good all round family film that will be one of the best this summer.

Reviewed By David
Childrens & Family Entertainers 

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