Book Review List

Below is the list of books to be reviewed here on MKP Book & Film Review Blog.

If the book is already published I have built links to each of their Amazon Or Smashwords pages

so you can read more information on them if you wish.

Simply click on the title of the book you wish to view. 

Dark Side of The Mirror - RL Austin -  Reviewed on Amazon UK & BJ Reviews  14/10/11

The Fishers - Erik Gustafson             Reviewed on Amazon UK & BJ Reviews  16/10/11

Doodling - Jonathon Gould      Rev'd On Amazon UK & Bj Reviews & Smashwords 21/10/11

Shades Of Night - Robyn Porter         Starting Soon

Quest of the Demon - M L Sawyer

Her Peaceful Sleep - Alex Canton

The Sable City - M. Edward McNally

The Blood Knows - Erik Gustafson  ( Currently Free On Smashwords 9/10/11)

The Lonely Mile – Allan Leverone

Trophy – Paul M Schofield

The Unwashed Dead - Ian Woodhead

Walking with Zombies - Ian Woodhead

Third Sight - Ian Woodhead    ( Currently Free On Amazon UK 4/10/11 )

D.N.A - Ey Wade

The Fishing Trip - Ey Wade

Remember newvember - Jennifer Bogart

The Portal Between - Sarah Barnard

The Portal Sundered - Sarah Barnard

Child Of The Portal - Sarah Barnard

Mementoes of Mai - Helmy Parlente Kusuma

There Is Hope - Helmy Parlente Kusuma

A Life Of Death - Weston Kincade

Invisible Dawn - Weston Kincade

Kristina Jackson - New Book

Isadora Daystar - PI Barrington ( Not BJ Member)

Money Talks - LA TrippMonica - LA Tripp

Gerald & The Wee People - Greta Burroughs

Ask Me If I'm Happy - Kimberley Menozzi

Chicken Feed - Ellen Ghyll                   (Sue Liversidge)

Satan's Toybox: Demonic Dolls       Jackie Williams