Thursday, 22 September 2011

Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy

I knew before I went to see this, from the trailers, that it was not going to be a James Bond type spy thriller with lots of explosions, chases and witty one liners.

But i expected a little more action than there actually was.
It was slow, tepid and boring right through.

A Russian spy is hidden within MI16 during the cold war and it’s one of 4 people. It’s down to retired spy George Smiley to flush him out.

Basically George is told there is a spy and goes out to trap him to send him back to Russia.
We don’t even have the thrill of red herrings or the spy leaving false trails to trick the viewer into believing it’s one person when it isn’t or false deaths, where the person who is meant to be dead turns out to be alive and well but he’s the spy.

No cliche’s whatsoever.

So what do we get....A slow, one paced, long, drawn out film that all the critics are jumping over themselves to give excellent, pretentious reviews.

The actors are all veteran actors and could play the roles given with their eyes shut so of course everyone will rave on as to how this film was well acted with award winning performances etc etc.
And there’s no argument from me on this point.

But what’s the point when the film is just plain boring.

Reviewed By David
Corporate Entertainment


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  2. My husband just commented on a trailer ad whilst we were watching Location, Location, Location, that he rather fancied seeing this. I said, "hang on, my mate David's just done a review on this!" I love your candour David and I am getting vibes that I would have thought exactly the same. We'll wait till it gets on Sky films!!

  3. I thought it was maybe just me and that film was maybe intended for an older audience as I was the youngest in the cinema by far but my girlfriends dad who saw it a few days later totally agreed with me.