Monday, 5 September 2011

American Sanction - Jim Burkett

This is one big rollercoaster ride, right from the word go.
But this rollercoaster has a sting in its tale.
Nick West, an ex Seal, gets involved with hunting down a terrorist ( Ahmad), who he believed was dead, at the bequest of Olexia, who is head of an elite Irish organisation, after returning her dead husbands belongings and a high tech rifle.
What follows is a thrilling story with lots of action including exploding aircraft, chemical agents, torture, gruesome deaths and more.

Ahmad is one nasty individual who you just wouldn’t want to be involved with and will do anything to see his plans come to fruition.
One slight criticism, I had to re-read the final chapter and found that a little more of an in depth explanation was needed.
This final chapter (the sting in the tale) felt a bit rushed and the author could have languished a little more in the fact that he had completely stuck one on you.
This does not take away from the fact though, that it is a well thought out story with enough character depth and action to keep the reader interested.

Reviewed By David
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  1. Glad to see a great review of Jim's book. I've got it on my TBR list and can't wait! Thanks,

  2. Thanks Mountainmama glad you enjoyed my review and i'm sure you'll enjoy the book too. :)