Friday, 9 September 2011

Something In The Dark - PJ Cowan

This is a “who’s doing it” type murder mystery thriller that keeps the reader guessing who the killer is all the way through.
There are plenty of red herrings to throw you off and at one point I had 4 suspects in mind.
About halfway through I realised something that the author had done, which is done in films of the same genre on a regular basis, which told me who the tormentor was.
I can’t say more than this without spoiling the story.

There are a couple of other points in the story where the author has followed the typical “film” plot but even with this, you question yourself as to whether you’ve got it right or not, until the Author is ready to reveal.

The story starts off quite slow as the author sets the scene and introduces us to the characters but the pace picks up once the killings begin.
A great story with good, indepth characters.

I look forward to reading more books by PJ Cowan.

Reviewed By David

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