Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Fright Night

Colin Farrell who stars as Jerry, a vampire, who has just moved into Vegas, has been in the news recently.
It was reported that he allegedly maimed one of the actresses in the film with his prosthetic teeth as he was trying to make one of the scenes look realistic.

Film hype or real ?  Mmmmmmmm let’s ponder that one ;)

This is a 3D updated version of the original back in 1985 and if you like your vampire movies you will not be disappointed.

Jerry is a particularly nasty vampire, played excellently by Farrell, who is not about to let a nosey teenage boy get in his way of his lust for blood.

Whereas Charlie Brewster, the teenager, has to convince his friends and family that a vampire has just moved in whilst protecting himself and his girlfriend from Jerry.

David Tennant, of Dr Who stardom, cameos as a theatrical vampire destroyer and thoroughly enjoys camping up his part and Christopher Mintz-Plasse, well known for his geek roles, makes a fangtastic vampire.
Between the two of them they inject a bit of light relief into the otherwise, tense situation.

All in all a great film with just the right mix of comedy and horror to keep everyone happy and even a couple of decent 3D effects thrown in too.

Reviewed By David
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