Friday, 9 September 2011

Final Destination 5 in 3D

I went into the cinema with slight trepidation as I was expecting this to be rubbish.
Let’s face it the first 1 was brilliant, the second was Ok and it went downhill from there but 5 has breathed a breath of life into this flailing franchise.
The usual happens, a major disaster, this time a collapsing bridge, is seen in a premonition and eight people are saved from very gruesome deaths.

Only death is not happy about this and goes about putting things right.

Cue lots of, even more, gruesome deaths all captured in glorious 3D.
I won’t say how many deaths there are as this would spoil the “will anyone survive” question.
But I will say, avoid this film if you’re planning on going in for Lazer Eye Treatment ;)

I loved all the 3D effects of which there are plenty, all the way from the opening credits to the closing ones.
I’m quite often disappointed with 3D films but this one had me beaming every time a load of blood, gunk or broken glass came my way.
A fully enjoyable film and I defy you not to cringe and go “oooooooh” at least once.

Reviewed By David

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