Thursday, 29 September 2011

Killer Elite

Robert DeNiro, Jason Statham & Clive Owen star in this action thriller based on a true story.

Danny (Statham), an ex special op’s agent, is unwillingly brought back into action when his mentor, Hunter ( DeNiro) is captured during one of his missions.
Danny is ordered to carry out 3 assassinations by Hunters captors before they will let him go.
Spike ( Clive Owen) is the man sent to stop Danny from achieving his mission.
What follows is a cat and mouse thriller with plenty of double crosses and twists thrown in.

The movie moves along at an excellent pace. Owen is excellent as the obsessed agent intent on stopping Danny and both Statham and DeNiro play their parts well, making the film even more enjoyable.

I imagine the “true story” has been hyped up quite a bit for entertainment purposes as there are plenty of action and chase scenes throughout, in a kind of seen it all before way.
But don’t let this put you off because if you like your action thrillers then you’ll love this.

Reviewed By David
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  1. Hi! This sounds like a movie my husband would like to watch. I'm a new follower from the Book Blogs. Here's my blog if you'd like to follow back:

  2. Great blog!! This sounds like a movie both my husband and I would enjoy together! If you have a chance, drop by

  3. I really want to watch this one. It comes out next week in my country. I love Statham. :-)

  4. Got to say i've not seen a bad film with Statham in it yet.